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More Listening, Less Wanting to be Right

More Listening, Less Wanting to be Right

By: Rebecca Barnes

As much as I love Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation, Please,” I am starting to think that is actually what our country needs more in politics. Less attacks, more conversation. I learned so much about organizations and protests by putting away my immediate interpretations of comments and did something we all need to do more of, which is listening. Making quick assumptions and judgments are part of our nature, it is not easy to take time to try and understand something.

How often do people jump into putting together Ikea furniture without reading the directions or jump into baking without reading the recipe? We all want to save time, however when it comes to politics and government, something that affects us all, we need to slow down, dive in and have more real-talk. And we need to start wanting to be “right” less, and wanting to understand more. This will only strengthen your opinion more. It’s like a prosecution trying to see the side of the defense to make their case, its effective and a strategy we all should be using.

We all want a bi-partisan person elected to office, someone who will work across the party lines to get things done in Congress… okay, let’s be honest, probably not all. Yet, with a historically low approval rating the past few years, it seems Americans want the candidate that can vote across the isle. Someone who isn’t tied to “big government” or the “deep state.”

Just because I don’t agree with someone, doesn’t mean I can’t see things from their point of view. Maybe what America really needs is a deeper desire for empathy and unity. There’s so much anger to go around, but what about love?

If all Americans could find it in themselves to meet in the middle and discuss their differences in a loving, thoughtful and caring way – we would hear a lot less hate and truly see a lot more love. Love is not a right-wing thing, or something that exists only on the left. When you see your brother or sister on the other side as who they truly are, you will start to understand why they believe the things they believe. We all want the same things: Love, acceptance, happiness, and a sense of purpose. Not everyone is evil on the other side and out to destroy your belief system.

Don’t fall into the trap of moving away from your beliefs to get that. It may be trendy, however remember unity and getting along doesn’t move the fundraiser dollars on either side. So, maybe it’s time we drop our party lines and come together as one Nation. Our differences are, and will always be, what makes us great. This includes our political differences. If you are on the left, I encourage you to reach out in a loving way and be less on the attack towards those on the right. And vice versa. They might have a much different agenda than you think and you might even agree with them. “A Little More Conversation, Please.”


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